So, how does this work?

When you have a good idea of what you want to keep, Carole will meet with you in your home to determine if a sale is appropriate. If it is, we will discuss contract terms. If not, she will advise how best to dispose of your surplus. Every sale I do is customized to meet the client’s need.

Most frequently we sell your unneeded items right from your home, after you have moved out. You need to do nothing about the things left behind, or worry about cleaning your home. We can do that, too. Basically, we handle everything because it can be an emotional journey and prevents you from having to sort and separate items from lost loved ones. Carole doesn't just sell you stuff, she listens too.


Time Frame

Usually, over a period of two or three weeks, we sort through to make sure items of value are discovered and priced appropriately. My sales are attracting repeat buyers because we make sure that all merchandise is clean, attractively displayed and in working order whenever possible.



Sales are usually held for two or three days, with prices reduced as the sale progresses. To help ensure the best prices for clients and customers, bid sheets are used on some higher-priced merchandise. Items remaining at the end of the sale are donated to a charitable organization.



During the sale every effort is made to protect the property, and at the end of the sale the property is left neat and clean for the next occupant.



As soon as possible after the close of the sale you will receive a check for the proceeds. Normally this is the amount taken in from sales less expenses like, advertising the sale, trash removal, etc.


Who would be working in my home?

Carole, personally, meets with potential clients to go over all details, and understands their wishes, before a contract is signed. "I am on the scene when we are preparing for the sale and doing the sale itself with carefully selected, responsible workers assisting." ~Carole