There’s all that stuff in the attic, and basement AND out in the shed! We’ve been collecting for decades... what do we do with it? 

Why not just place a “for sale” ad in the newspaper?

No guarantee that things will sell in your time frame. Not easy to sell small items this way, or know the best price to expect. You will need to be available to take phone calls and show merchandise.

Why not send items to a reputable auction house?

Few auction houses will take everything you want to get rid of. Items may be sold in lots, not getting the best price. Our sales are conducted over two to three days. Most auctions are simply a few hours.

Why not sell everything to a dealer for one, lump sum?

Small valuables are often overlooked. Dealers offer very, low prices and may leave behind items they cannot sell, leaving them for you to dispose of.

Now you’re wondering...

Is that old army uniform worth saving?

How about the antique clock that doesn’t run?

My mother’s wedding veil?

The answer to these questions is up to you. However, we are here to help! Carole and her network of experts can advise you on how to get the most satisfaction from your unneeded possessions, whether by selling them, offering them to a museum, or donating them to charity. 

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don't throw anything awayDon’t throw ANYTHING away! We will do that for you.

We know what sells and what doesn’t. There have even been cases where we have found more value next to or in the dumpster than what was kept to sell! Plus it’s less work for you!


Keep what you wantChoose the furniture and accessories that you want to keep.

It’s your stuff! Keep what is priceless to you, sometimes it just means more to you, no matter the value.


Call carole Sutryn esta sale specialistCall Carole A. Sutryn, Estate Sales Specialist, to handle all the rest.

Reduce your stress! We are sure you have more to do if you are selling an estate, relocating or downsizing.

We will maximize the value in the sale of your items and send you a check when it’s all done!